The Alternative UK

Politics is broken... So what's the Alternative?

The Alternative UK is a political platform which helps communities and localities find their distinctive voice and power, in an age where official party-politics fails to connect with or truly represent them.

We are researching, prototyping and then putting into practice a new toolbox, whereby citizens can articulate their needs and express their agency. Always responding first to those reaching out to us, we then co-create a “Collaboratory” – a three-part social laboratory, using facilitation, immersive and participative arts, futures methods, and emotionally-literate engagement of all kinds.

And we tell the world about this work through our Daily Alternative media platform – which also draws inspiration from a huge global culture of innovation and initiative in civil society. We assume that a superpowered citizen works on three levels of “I – We – World”.

But our faith is in the power of that 90-odd percent who aren’t members of political parties, yet whose lives are full of their own wisdom about the power and resources they need to flourish. Please get in touch with us if are interested in occupying your own future.