Sophie Rocher

Sophie Rocher

Asociate Member, Happy Dev

Sophie is a freelance UX & UI Designer and Illustrator as well as an associate member of the Happy Dev network.

She enjoys designing valuable and beautiful experiences through digital products. Illustration has always been her beloved way of expression, and therefore she is using it to enhance any experiences or visuals she’s designing.

As an associate member of Happy Dev, she’s also working on a more collective task to enable the freelancing way of life to be more sustainable and easy to reach for anyone. Happy Dev is a French network of +250 freelancers for all digital workers. They build teams of freelancers to produce digital tools for their customers. As a network, they share a lot of things in common, values of course but also good practices, tools and sometimes a drink or a workspace.

They are now developing a new open source tool to help manage communities like theirs, projects and much more…

Building the cooperative cloud

Workshop space

Wouter Tebbens, Co-Founder and President of the Free Knowledge Institute; Chris Croome from UK co-op Webarchitects; Alexandre Bourlier and Sophie Rocher from  discussing their work developing a suite of cooperatively owned and managed open source tools to rival Google and Apple; a shared technical infrastructure to enable co-operators to move away from data harvesting […]

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