Sheron Shamuilia

Sheron Shamuilia

Technology Transfer Consultant

Passionate about technology transfer and commercialization, Sheron has a successful track record in development and implementation of intellectual property and technology strategies aimed at maximizing access to innovation in a competitive, collaborative and cost-efficient way.

With a multidisciplinary approach consisting of law, corporate finance and technology, she has been driving companies towards value creation and growth in all phases of their life cycle.

She is also a member of Happonomy and board member of TEDxLeuven. In this context she is ambassador of the CMee-project, a new monetary system enabling flow of wealth based on a combination of a guaranteed income and demurrage.

The nature of money – Signals and transactions

Main Hall

Without getting distracted by crypto, ICOs and technical implementation, this session will wind the discussion back to base principles and ask what sorts of signals and transactions are appropriate within a collaborative, generative economy? What is the nature of the money we want? Matthew Schutte, Director of Communications at Holo; Michael Linton, designer of LETSystem; […]

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