Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson

Creator of KPcoin and Blockchain Bingo

Do you know what it means to be a miner on the bitcoin network? I mean really, really know not just bluff by rambling about “proof-of-work” and “byzantine generals”?

If you really want to learn, then the best way is to play Blockchain Bingo! You will use your smartphone and the Blockchain Bingo website to race against your fellow humans in a real-world simulation that will both inform and entertain.

Blockchain Bingo was started by Peter Thompson, who created the website as a “demo-coin” to help newbies learn about the crazy world of cryptocurrencies.

What the hell is blockchain and how does it work? Plus Blockchain Bingo

Workshop space

Peter Thompson, Creator of KPcoin, will provide a beginners guide to blockchain; what it is, where it came from and how it is being applied to support distributed software applications. The session will also include a hands-on game of Blockchain Bingo – a brilliant introduction to the “proof of work” concept underpinning blockchain, which will […]