Michael Linton

Michael Linton

Designer of LETSystem

Michael Linton has been a leader in community currencies since designing the original LETSystem in 1982, generally considered the origin of some three thousand similar and derivative community currencies by 1994.  Since then he has written and spoken on many aspects of community money systems.  So why not more of the same?

Why in the world is there still so little cooperation in the economy? Why is there not more cooperation between cooperative organizations?

The nature of money – Signals and transactions

Main Hall

Without getting distracted by crypto, ICOs and technical implementation, this session will wind the discussion back to base principles and ask what sorts of signals and transactions are appropriate within a collaborative, generative economy? What is the nature of the money we want? Matthew Schutte, Director of Communications at Holo; Michael Linton, designer of LETSystem; […]

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