Mayel de Borniol

Mayel de Borniol

Founding Member,

Mayel is a hacker and social/cooperative entrepreneur who enjoys understanding and hacking systems, and occasionally designing and building new ones. Here are some projects he’s started or participated in:

– Founding member of a #platformcoop instance of Mastodon, a microblogging & social network based on open protocols and free, open-source software. As a decentralized (like e-mail) alternative to commercial platforms, it combats the risks of a company monopolizing your communication. As a user, you can interact with everyone else on Mastodon, GNU Social, or other compatible software (together called the “fediverse”), no matter what provider each of you are signed up to.

CloudVault – a secure cloud service for freedom-loving individuals and groups. We provide ready-to-use solutions based on free / open source software and very affordable cloud infrastructure, to help users secure their data and internet access with encrypted storage and VPN access, or to run specialised cloud software that enables them to quit using Google.

Open Cooperative Ecosystem / Credit Commons / FairCoop / etc – as a participant in initiatives to build alternative systems of economic cooperation, especially focused on common standards, shared data structures, and interoperable protocols, Mayel hopes to empower more communication and cooperation between disparate groups, communities and networks, at the local and global level.

On the fediverse: 



Working Session – Mapping the cooperative / solidarity economy

Workshop space

Following on from the introductory session on the Main stage Louis Cousin from Cooperatives Europe will lead a working session on mapping the cooperative / solidarity ecosystem. This collaborative working session will feature input from Colm Massey from the Solidarity Economy Association; Laura James Co-founder at Digital Life Collective; Tom Ivey from; and the audience – […]

Co-op tools Technology

Open source social networks, protocols and platforms

Main Hall

Claire Tolan from Rchain; Mayel De Borniol from; and Mark Harding from Minds will discuss their work on developing new, open source, platforms and protocols for social networking. As Minds reaches over one million members and continues to grow what can we expect from this new open source social network? How does the governance […]