Matthew Slater

Matthew Slater

Co-Founder, Community Forge

Matthew Slater started work in 2009 on open source software for community currency groups. The nonprofit he co-founded, Community Forge, hosts websites for around 300 groups using his software. In 2013 he co-developed the ‘trading floor game’, a workshop to stimulate thought about money, then in 2015, co-authored the free Money & Society MOOC with professor Jem Bendell in 2015.  In 2016 he co-authored a white paper on the ‘Credit Commons’ describing a ‘money for the solidarity economy’.  Now he is working on modernising complementary currency networks and making them interoperable.

Global Mutual Credit – Is it time for a Co-op coin?

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This session focuses on a more specific question about money in the co-operative sector and asks “Is it time for a Co-op coin?” Co-op principle six encourages cooperation between co-ops and an obvious way to encourage this is through inter-co-op trade. But why should co-ops use, and be taxed for using national fiat currencies? Couldn’t […]

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