Maru Bautista

Maru Bautista

Director of the Cooperative Development Program

Maru Bautista is the Director of the Cooperative Development Program at the Center for Family Life in Brooklyn, New York. For the past 5 years, she has worked with her team and the Sunset Park community to strengthen immigrant-led worker cooperatives in New York City.

She oversees all of the program’s scaling initiatives, and has been supporting Up & Go’s development, its overall strategy and cooperative member engagement. She is chair of the Board of the Democracy at Work Institute and a board member of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives. She has a M.A. in International Development from the New School in NYC. When not at work, she is in a park or a playground with her two year old daughter.

The Capital conundrum

Workshop space

The dominant platforms, like Uber and AirBnb were able to use millions of dollars to get to scale. But, without venture capital, what can platform co-ops do to match their growth? In this session, Vivian Woodell, ex CEO of The Phone Co-op and now head of The Foundation for Co-operative Innovation, will lead an open […]

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Platform Showcase

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The platform showcase will feature four presentations from existing and developing platform co-ops, plus a chance to ask questions via Lynne Davis, CEO of the Open Food Network (ONF) UK, will present how the Open Food Network developed into an international platform co-op; managing open source software development on a global scale with teams […]

Platform showcase