Lynne Davis

Lynne Davis

CEO, Open Food Network UK

As founding member of online farmers markets and workers’ co-op Dean Forest Food Hub Lynne realised that local food projects would always struggle to fund their software platforms. Teaming up with other local food projects across the UK in 2014, the group discovered Australian open source platform the Open Food Network (OFN).Today OFN UK joins other groups across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia to collaboratively create tools that food enterprises need. We’re exploring new ways of budgeting and organising to develop an international commons building a fair, sustainable global food system from the ground up.

Lynne is a farmer and food activist, working in co-operative micro dairy projects in Bristol. She is a core group member of the Land Workers’ Alliance campaigning for a fair and sustainable farming system in the UK.

Platform Showcase

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The platform showcase will feature four presentations from existing and developing platform co-ops, plus a chance to ask questions via Lynne Davis, CEO of the Open Food Network (ONF) UK, will present how the Open Food Network developed into an international platform co-op; managing open source software development on a global scale with teams […]

Platform showcase