Lieza Dessein

Lieza Dessein

Strategic Project Manager, SMart Coop

SMart is a cooperative dedicated to the needs of freelancers.

Lieza Dessein is a project and community manager within the SMart Coop, she acquired expertise in professional development through consulting work in one-to-one and group sessions. Lieza built collaborative leadership skills by managing atypical work spaces and cultures. She is in charge of the development of SMart’s creative hub, the Brussel Art Factory and also serves on the board of directors of the SMart Coop.

Lieza gained an astute awareness of the impact of digitalization on a wide range of contemporary work environments. She is advocating for a fairer digital economy and represents SMart in the Platform Co-op Movement. This advocacy group facilitates the implementation of sustainable and democratic business
models for digital companies.

Solving the crisis of the gig economy

Open space

Lieza Dessein, Strategic project manager at SMart Coop and Alex Bird, Chair of Co-operatives and Mutuals Wales, together with Danny Spitzberg, Technology Strategist at CoLab discuss the problems of today’s “gig economy”; highlighting the work of freelancers co-ops like SMart and the findings of the report ‘Working Together: Trade Union and Co-operative Innovations for Precarious […]

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