Emma McGuirk

Emma McGuirk

Co-founder, Dunedin Timebank

Emma McGuirk is a social anthropologist who studied the rise of timebanks across Aotearoa New Zealand for a PhD thesis at the University of Otago which she completed last year.

Emma’s interest in timebanking grew out of participation in Permaculture events, and seminars held by the Living Economies Educational Trust. Emma was a Living Economies Board Member for one year, and has been an active member of a Savings Pool since 2011. She took an activist approach to her research, co-founding the Dunedin Timebank, and helping to build relationships between timebank developers throughout New Zealand.

To understand the recent popularity, and disappearance (in some cases), of timebanks in New Zealand, Emma’s PhD thesis draws on the anthropological literature on community, debt, activism, degrowth, and
time. Her published research articles are available to download from Sites: a Journal of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies, and the Journal of Political Ecology.

Emma has recently relocated to China where she is working as a Lecturer in the School of Foreign Studies at Jiangnan University in Wuxi, China.

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