Ela Kagel

Ela Kagel

Co-founder of SUPERMARKT

Ela Kagel is a digital strategist and co-founder of SUPERMARKT Berlin.

With 20 years of experience in digital media, both as strategy consultant and creative producer, Ela helped shape the media landscape in Germany.

Ela is co-founder of SUPERMARKT, a coworking space & research studio with a focus on digital culture, social innovation and collaborative economy in Berlin. Ela presents workshops and conferences around open source & collaborative practices, is an active community manager and consults companies and initiatives on their online strategy.

Ela has been a long-time collaborator and researcher at the Public Art Lab in Berlin, and from 2009 to 2011 she was a program curator for the Transmediale Festival for Art and Digital Culture in Berlin. While at Transmediale Ela developed the Free Culture Incubator, a series of workshops and events based on free and open culture. Central to Ela’s practice is supporting bottom-up initiatives deeply rooted in particular communities of practice. She co-founded SUPERMARKT in 2011, an independent hub for digital culture and collaborative economy. Ela is co-initiator of the Platformcoop Berlin meetups and is one of the key figures of the Platform Cooperativism movement in Germany.


SUPERMARKT was founded in 2010 by Ela Kagel, David Farine and Zsolt Szentirmai as a platform for digital culture, collaborative economies and the future of work.

SUPERMARKT’s program increasingly focuses on the intersection of technology, money and society. The Free Culture Incubator program, which was developed in conjunction with the transmediale Festival for Arts and Digital Culture, was the starting point for an ongoing exploration of the price and value of freelance creative work and the increasing financialisation of our culture.

The conference series WORKAROUND has put a highlight on new forms of work and self-organisation of freelancers and artists. The workshop series Arts & Commons triggered a widespread debate on emerging finance technologies, peer to peer-economies and digital networking within the arts.

Joining the dots – Updates from allied conferences and international partners

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Joining the dots