Duncan McCann

Duncan McCann

Researcher, New Economics Foundation

Duncan McCann joined the New Economics Foundation 5 years ago and is a Research Fellow at City University. Duncan currently works on the emerging trends in the digital economy and its impact on society specifically looking at the impact of data and the future of work. He also works on rethinking money, looking for solutions to our land and housing crisis and the potential of Social Wealth funds.

Duncan leads the work on the digital economy for the New Economics Foundation and is currently working on co-producing a Ridehail platform for London that puts drivers and users in control as well as a long term project to understand the implications of big data on the structures of power and accountability in society.

On money, Duncan works on creating a better understanding of national money systems and how they could be reformed as well as building the knowledge around community and local currencies and working with communities to develop them. Duncan is co-author of the book People Powered Money. On land Duncan was a lead researcher on the recent book Rethinking the Economics of Housing and Land and is about to publish a paper calling for all land to be placed into a ‘People’s Land Trust’.

Podcast: The BIG questions – tech, power and society

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This podcast session, featuring Nathan Schneider, from the University of Colorado Boulder, Duncan McCann, Researcher, New Economics Foundation and Jaya Klare Bekke with Bernie Mitchell from  Ouishare Radio will discuss The BIG questions – tech, power and society. Share on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare on Facebook

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