Arthur Brock

Arthur Brock

Co-founder, HOLO

Arthur Brock builds targeted currencies which shape the social dynamics of our emerging post-industrial economy. He has created more than a hundred designs for multi-currency systems and his software company has built and deployed dozens of those systems.

Initially, Arthur put his experience Artificial Intelligence to use at GM, Chrysler & Hughes, but shifted his focus to building intelligence into social architectures rather than to computers. He started student-run schools and award-winning, employee-run businesses and discovered the engine that runs these types of organizations involve specific patterns of incentives and feedback. He began to unlock secrets of the Social DNA by which people operate and the critical role of currencies for programming these patterns.

In 2007, Art and Eric Harris-Braun formed the MetaCurrency Project. Their aim: to apply insights from nature to the design of software and social patterns, so that we can enable the next economy — one that is distributed, equitable, and regenerative.

Most recently Art co-founded the Holo project, “Where the Crowd is the Cloud”, a new platform which allows web users and developers to share computer capacity in exchange for value-backed currency, on a blockchain alternative that won’t destroy the Earth or subject users to extreme volatility.