Alexandre Segura

Alexandre Segura

Coop Cycle

Alexandre Segura is a self-taught web developer. In 2016, he participated to the social movement in France. Since then, he wants to put his developer skills in the service of the public interest.

When Take Eat Easy went bankrupt in summer 2016, he started coding a food delivery platform as a side project. He met Jerôme Pimot (, an ex-courier who became an activist against the gig economy. Jérôme was advocating for co-operatives as an alternative to independent work.

Alexandre then decided to open source his side project under the Peer Production License.
This is how CoopCycle was born.

Step by step, a team of friends gathered around the project, bringing new ideas and perspectives, but always with the same goal: provide gig economy workers a set of tools to emancipate from platform capitalism and empower themselves.

Platform Showcase

Main Hall

The platform showcase will feature four presentations from existing and developing platform co-ops, plus a chance to ask questions via Lynne Davis, CEO of the Open Food Network (ONF) UK, will present how the Open Food Network developed into an international platform co-op; managing open source software development on a global scale with teams […]

Platform showcase