Alex Jupiter

Alex Jupiter

UX Designer, Democracy Earth

Alex is a product manager and UX designer specialising in taking cutting-edge technologies and using them to create world changing products. Coming from the startup scene where he created a ChatBot agency, he’s been working on a project for Samsung to create a new cloud computing product. Recently he’s been working with the Democracy.Earth foundation to usher in a new era of civic tech, utilising Blockchain technology, through the creation of their liquid democracy product Sovereign.

Decision-making for participatory democracy

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Alex Jupiter, UX Designer at Democracy Earth; Shu Yang Lin from; Francesca Pick, Co-Founder Greaterthan & OuiShare Fest; and Richard Bartlett Co-founder of Loomio sharing insights into online decision-making systems; how online voting tools enable stakeholders to have an active say in decisions that affect them; and the goal of incorporating delegative voting to […]

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