Workshop: The Money Game

Square Pig

A deep-dive into your personal relationship with money.

The Money Game was invented by the Findhorn Community in the highlands of Scotland and has been played around the world as a way to help us think about and deconstruct our relationship with money.

Led by Francesca Pick, Co-founder Greaterthan & OuiShare Fest, the game will help players uncover and explore the habits and unconscious beliefs that determine our relationship with money, learning through your own experience, your money and the interaction with the group.

This two-hour session must be booked in advance and is limited to the first 25 players to sign-up. The session is only open to holders of an OPEN 2018 conference pass.

Register for OPEN 2018 and then sign-up by contacting us if you are interested to gain:

  •     A better understanding of what money means to you personally
  •     Insight into common narratives about money brought by other group members
  •     A starting point for exploring your own deeply held money stories


Important things you must know before joining this session:

  1. The Money game is a personal experience in a group setting. The hosting team will create an environment of care and safety. However, it is important that you are aware that you are fully responsible for your own experience within the game. Your experience is yours, your boundaries are yours, your needs are yours.
  2. Be on time. Once the session starts, you will no longer be able to join.
  3. You need to bring Cash money to play. Think about the amount you bring: which amount do you feel comfortable letting go of, but that is enough to “trigger” your learning? Out of previous experiences, we know that taking a few minutes to feel into what this amount might be for you, it’s essential to have a meaningful experience. People have played from $10 to more than $500. Bring small bills, that makes it easier to play.
  4. Bring a notebook and a pen to write your reflections during the game.