Podcast: When Communities of practice meet the collaborative economy

Workshop space

Join us for a conversation and live podcast recording between Kate Swade and Mark Walton from Shared Assets and Unlocking Networks, Wouter Tebbens, Co-founder and president of the Free Knowledge Institute, Laura James, Co-founder, Digital Life Collective, with Bernie Mitchell from  Ouishare Radio. They’ll be discussing strategies for bringing together the numerous disparate groups within the progressive movement to enable effective, streamlined joined up thinking.

Drawing on their experience from many years working with networks, networks coordinators and open knowledge the panel will address questions such as:
– How do we move away from attempts to consolidate many groups onto one single “platform” to developing schemas and protocols to enable activists to “find the others”?
– How can Communities of practice make best use of online technology and the numerous options of communication tools to enable effective online organising?

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