Platform Showcase

Main Hall

The platform showcase will feature four presentations from existing and developing platform co-ops, plus a chance to ask questions via

Lynne Davis, CEO of the Open Food Network (ONF) UK, will present how the Open Food Network developed into an international platform co-op; managing open source software development on a global scale with teams of developers, product managers and testers working in rotating teams on a single shared infrastructure.

Maru Bautista, Director of the Cooperative Development Program at the Center for Family Life in Brooklyn, New York, will share key observations from her recent involvement launching Up&Go, a home-cleaning platform in New York, formed by a consortium of three co-ops and which is managed and owned by the 80+ women who earn 95% of the platform’s revenue.

Peter Harris, Founder of Resonate, will introduce their blockchain-based music-streaming platform co-op, and explain how receiving external investment does not mean you need to abandon Cooperative principles. As Peter says: “Once a co-op – always a co-op“!

Alexandre Segura and Lison Noel from Co-op Cycle will share their inspirational journey to develop an open-source alternative to Deliveroo made up of a community of couriers in cities throughout France and Belgium. The project is new and the code to run the platform is being actively developed, but the code is only a small part of the project with exciting plans to be announced.

Platform showcase