Narrative debate – Putting the employees in charge

Main Hall

In our final narrative session, and keynote debate, Niki Okuk, Founder of Rco Tires and Guy Watson, Founder and Chair of Riverford Organic discuss how we can challenge the dominant model of capitalist business and the de facto pyramid structure of management in order to enable a more equitable society. What does it take for owners and managers to understand and liberate the true value of placing workers in charge of the business? How can we encourage the development of new, and the transformation of ‘conventional’ businesses, to become worker owned enterprises? What assumptions do we need to challenge to break the strong-hold of rapacious capitalism as the the dominant form of business?


RCO provides stable jobs for local black and Latino residents who struggle to find employment because of past criminal convictions or legal status and Guy has recently announced he will be converting Riverford into a 74% worker owned employee benefit trust. How can we make these, and other worker-led initiatives, the norm?

The Changing Narrative