Global Mutual Credit – Is it time for a Co-op coin?

Main Hall

This session focuses on a more specific question about money in the co-operative sector and asks “Is it time for a Co-op coin?” Co-op principle six encourages cooperation between co-ops and an obvious way to encourage this is through inter-co-op trade. But why should co-ops use, and be taxed for using national fiat currencies? Couldn’t they simply extend mutual credit to each other via a credit exchange encouraging economic growth of the co-op sector by providing additional access to capital and incentives to trade with other co-ops?

In this panel session Arthur Brock, Co-founder, HOLO; Matthew Slater, Co-Founder of Community Forge and Emma McGuirk, Co-founder of Dunedin Timebank in New Zealand will discuss the potential of a Co-op Coin and global mutual credit systems and consider whether any of the existing trading networks and models could be used to bring the co-operative economy to scale.

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