Decision-making for participatory democracy

Main Hall

Alex Jupiter, UX Designer at Democracy Earth; Shu Yang Lin from; Francesca Pick, Co-Founder Greaterthan & OuiShare Fest; and Richard Bartlett Co-founder of Loomio sharing insights into online decision-making systems; how online voting tools enable stakeholders to have an active say in decisions that affect them; and the goal of incorporating delegative voting to enable participatory democracy and budgetary processes.


Democracy Earth utilises blockchain technology, through the creation of their liquid democracy product Sovereign, to enable citizens to participate in decision making, and PDIS have worked with the Digital Minister of Taiwan to question how to refashion democracy to share agenda-setting power with the people. Loomio is a very versatile, and much used app that helps people make decisions together and Greatherthan manage Cobudget – a practice that allows groups to allocate resources collaboratively and transparently through a participatory proposal process. Together these panelist will discuss the possibilities and potential pitfalls of running nationwide, online, participatory democracy and budgetary processes.

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